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Welcome to my store.  My goal is to provide a high quality product at an affordable price.  All products are carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail.  This store shows a small sample of my current inventory.  Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for something in particular that you do not see in this store and I will do whatever I can to help you.  

Artist's Biography 

Gary Kilsdonk

I grew up in a small town in north central Wisconsin. While going to school, I worked various jobs including service station attendant, foundry worker and research lab technician. For 40 years I worked as a hospital Pharmacist, the last 28 years as Director of Pharmacy. Now retired, I am pursuing my artistic interests. As a Pharmacist, I developed a keen attention to detail and no tolerance for error. I believe these traits are evident in my work as an artist.

I have worked with wood all my life. In the past I have built many large pieces of furniture as well as smaller functional and artistic pieces. Many considerations go into the decisions that guide my creative process. With all media texture is important. With wood, the location it is from, the feel and even the smell of the sawdust are a part of the journey. Recently I have been making pens and kaleidoscopes. I enjoy the requirement for precision and the many challenges that are presented by the limitations of space and the materials. With a pen, the balance and feel as it glides across the paper are important. Decisions concerning the shape and texture will determine how it feels. With a kaleidoscope the decisions concerning the size and shape revolve around the mirror system being used. The mirror system will determine the shape of the mandala or picture you will see. And of course the color and shape of the glass in the optic chamber will determine the experience viewing the mandala. The exterior will hopefully draw the viewer in and should be pleasant to the touch. Of course an important part of the creative process is that it must be enjoyable for the artist. So I work very hard at that too!!!

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